Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new blog..!

hi there..! do visit my new blog..

have a nice day..!

p/s: saje je suke2 buat new layout kat blog lame.. =)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

TVXQ -KYHD performance

out of many performance since last week.. this is the only one that i can watch online and download.. where is the others..?? all are being deleted by Youtube because violated users issues etc.. huhuhuhu.. that means.. everytime they upload it.. i must hurry to check it out.. or else i can't find it anywhere.. huhuhu.. this life is so full of obstacles.. haish~ =_="

my comment to this video.. changmin look totally gorgeous..!! kyaaa...!! *fainting..* my very-excited-self come back again.. haha.. =D

wishing hard to have them by my side.. i mean.. to meet them someday.. i don't care even that time they are already retired or married or whatever it could be.. but it will be totally fun if i'm their future wife..! hahaha.. *day dreaming again..*

동방신기 화이팅..!!
*dong bang shin ki hwaiting..!!*

심창민 화이팅..!!
*shim chang min hwaiting..!!*

종윤호 화이팅..!!
*jung yun ho hwaiting..!!*

changmin & guitar

changmin is playing a guitar for his lover..?? omo..!! so romantic..! i can't even imagined that..! kyaaaaaa...!!! *he melt my heart no matter what he does..*

this picture remind me of someone.. who is it..? hurm.. who do you think is it..?? if you have a feeling it is you.. maybe thats right it is you.. but if you don't have the feeling and just wonder who.. just wondering for it for the rest of your life.. hahaha... for those who know.. please don't make it public.. hehe..

i want to say this to that person..

good luck..! may everything will be fine.. gwenchanayo..! (^_^)v

want some tricky clue..? i think no need la.. coz you'll definitely find out who is it.. haha.. =D